• Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The development and use of renewable energy is widely accepted as priority in dealing with the world’s growing energy and environmental problems and in achieving sustainable development. The international community has provided significant new impetus for the development of renewable energy projects all over the world. Many such projects have been undertaken by international businesses and Cyprus has played its role in the structuring and financing of those investments.

The renewable energy sector has very specific challenges not least of which are the complex planning regulations volatile energy prices, short supply of credit and increasing project finance costs. Companies in the Alternative Energy sector are often eligible for a wide range of benefits including a wide range of renewable energy tax credits, subsidies and incentives. BDO’s alternative industry experts throughout the world assist our clients in identifying and seizing the opportunities that exist to reduce the cost of energy-efficient improvements.

Our clients include:

  • Energy generation – wind, solar, hydro/marine, biofuels, and geothermal
  • Energy infrastructure – management and transmission
  • Water & wastewater – treatment and conservation
  • Recycling & waste – recycling and waste treatment