World Wide Tax News 2017 - Issue 44

31 May 2017

With the international tax landscape constantly evolving, our global newsletter “World Wide Tax News” summarises recent tax developments across the world.


This newsletter summarises recent tax developments of international interest across the world. In this issue:

  • UNITED STATES: Trump administration announces President's outline for tax reform 
  • INDIA: Amendments to tax law by Finance Act 2017
  • INDONESIA: New transfer pricing documentation requirements
  • JAPAN: 2017 Japan tax reform
  • MALAYSIA: Widening of the scope of withholding tax on payments for royalties and services
  • SINGAPORE: Revised transfer pricing guidelines issued
  • BELGIUM: New deduction for innovation income
  • GEORGIA: New corporate income tax regime
  • IRELAND: Finance Act 2016 – International business measures
  • ITALY: Automatic exchange of information concerning cross-border rulings and advance pricing agreements becomes mandatory
  • LATVIA: Planned tax reform
  • POLAND: Tax authorities reorganisation will restrict taxpayers’ rights
  • SWITZERLAND: Corporate tax reform III proposal rejected by Swiss voters
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Snap general election defers implementation of tax changes
  • ARGENTINA: Net operating losses derived from Argentine source payments
  • THE GULF COOPERATION COUNCIL STATES: VAT to be introduced in 2018 - update
  • OMAN: Corporate tax changes
  • CANADA: 2017 federal budget

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