• Data Analytics

Data Analytics

A deeper dive into data.

The complexity and capacity of businesses’ systems are constantly increasing – as are the data requirements housed in these systems. As a result, businesses need a cost-effective method to control the widening gap between data management and decision-making. BDO fills that gap by organizing, standardizing, and analysing clients’ increasingly large and complex data sets.

We evaluate and analyse data comprehensively and cost-effectively, regardless of format (structured or un-structured), database platform, or system. Whether assessing millions of records domestically or culling through terabytes of multi-lingual, cross-border transactions, our professionals provide the insight necessary to make critical business decisions.

Our services include:

  • Litigation, forensic, and regulatory analytics

    • Evaluation of data quality

    • Verification of data completeness and accuracy

    • Data standardization across multiple platforms and disparate datasets

    • Identification of anomalies, trends, gaps, and deviations using statistical methods

    • Graphical reports and data visualization

    • Expert testimony


  • Business analytics and intelligence

    • Predictive analytics and modelling

    • Process automation

    • Interactive, web-accessible analytics

    • Fraud prevention and detection analytics